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Like many of us, and despite growing up in the Christian faith, Angie found herself feeling disconnected and unsettled the last several years, as though she were consistently waiting for a certain thing to happen in order to feel happy and at peace. Then around two years ago, she began to realize that that magic future day never really comes, where all is perfect because of external circumstances. Rather, all there is is now and, somehow, we must find a way to experience peace and joy from within.

As a result of this realization combined with an acknowledgement that what she was currently doing wasn't working, Angie embarked on an intensive spiritual journey that has since included reading dozens of books, taking multiple courses, and connecting with others that are seeking more spiritual fulfillment. It has involved stepping outside traditional religion to be open to learning truths and insight that are beyond her current understanding. It also has included (and continues to include) intuitive and researched efforts to reconcile some of the new concepts she's been learning to Christian teaching and the Bible, as well as to science. Finally, it has been focused not just on increasing knowledge and insight (which never ends), but also on understanding and developing practical methods for tapping into spiritual guidance and the Divine.

As an initial step, she began learning about Soul Journeys and Spiritual Journeys and the difference, and also coming to terms that there is no need to fear questioning your long-held spiritual/religious beliefs (because fear does not come from God/Creator/Source). If you are interested in learning more, you can check out some introductory posts on her blog HERE. If you want to dive a little deeper, you can subscribe (currently for free) to more detailed and researched content and resources by joining the Novel Connections Spiritual Journey Group (by clicking HERE).
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