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My new women's fiction WIP: Sex Toys and Psych Meds - Description

So excited about this new book! I just finished the first draft, and am looking for beta readers before I start querying agents. See the description below:

As Cassie comes to terms with the painful end of her marriage and the possibility of losing her daughter, she struggles with the resultant depression and its impact on her life and high-power career. At the same time, she finds herself on the dating scene for the first time as an adult, with a newfound sexual appetite due to either extreme deprivation or the late-thirties surge of hormones she’s heard about (and can be equally satisfied by a strapping man or a well-apportioned vibrator). But none of it's easy – she's a mess of contradicting emotions, muddled thinking and a neediness that's foreign to her. More than anything, she wants to conquer her Depression and feel whole again.

But then Cassie meets two unlikely friends in Group Therapy – Tasha, who combats the "bad thoughts" when she's not advising Cassie on the virtues of different sex toys or the expression of anger through destruction of marital property (both of which prove to be quite therapeutic), and Sophie, who says the codes all “add up” and warns of the neighbor in the surveillance van when she's not leading her friends in unconventional workout sessions at the park, and only when her meds stop working. They give Cassie perspective and something more important – acceptance. Plus, they’ve reminded her how to laugh – because cock-eyed nipples and front-farts are funny, even when you’re in the dark place.

But Cassie understands the risk, that they are feeding into each other’s illness rather than helping each other get better. Because the issues these women face are real, and they’re serious – suicide attempts and psychosis, debilitating depression and lost custody of children. And even when they apply the one rule they can all agree on – that they can’t all be crazy at the same time – it may not be enough to protect them from themselves.

SEX TOYS AND PSYCH MEDS is a work of women’s fiction, and is complete at approximately 87,000 words. A cross between the witty poignancy of Cathy Lamb and the raw honesty of Cheryl Strayed, SEX TOYS AND PSYCH MEDS explores the gritty reality of mental illness and redefining yourself at mid-life with the often humorous realities of adult dating and the beauty of unexpected friendship.

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