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There's a reason why we are drawn to stories that make us cry...
Have you ever tried to read a fluff novel or beach read as an escape from the overwhelming stress of your life?  They can be great for that purpose -- temporarily. But ever notice how afterwards, you still feel overwhelmed, stuck or numb?

Maybe it's because you don't need another temporary escape.

Maybe you need a release...
Angela Hoke writes award-winning women's and contemporary fiction novels with relatable, flawed characters that explore the beauty and pain of life and relationships. These novels will take you on unexpected journeys, but also be prepared for big laughter and big tears. And afterward, as you lay satiated and spent, finished novel splayed open across your lap, you may just find that you were able to feel the emotions you didn't know you needed to feel.
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Because a good book entertains the mind, but a great one renews the soul.

Click on the link below to read Angie's blog post on why we love stories that make us cry. It's a fascinating discussion!

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