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Latest Release, Missing Pictures 
Missing Pictures Revised Cover 11.19.21.png
From the four-time award-winning author of A Whisper of Smoke, MISSING PICTURES tells the story of all-too-relatable Claire Colson, a successful businesswoman who, after a painful divorce from a long-term marriage, tries to heal from depression by re-entering the dating world, but only on the days she doesn't have her daughter and manages to put on deodorant. But it’s the unlikely friendship she develops with two strong but damaged women she meets in group therapy that may help her find true healing, in ways she never expected.

Check out this short video on the story behind MISSING PICTURES!


"A tender, evocative, broad emotional spectrum read"

"A warmhearted, witty story about three girlfriends who, without judgment, support each other unconditionally"

"A raw, emotional foray into the harrowing yet hilarious capriciousness of mental illness"

4-Time Award Winner, A Whisper of Smoke
Winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Award for Women's Fiction, the 2015 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for Women's Fiction, the 2014 GRW Maggie Award for Excellence and the 2014 Heart of Denver Aspen Gold Award, and Finalist for the 2015 International Book Award! 
In 1960s Kentucky, Susanna Braden’s caught between protecting her younger siblings from her mother’s perniciousness and other lurking dangers, and battling the growing love she feels for her best friend, Calvin. But when family secrets emerge that threaten to destroy her carefully cultivated illusion of safety and Calvin is deployed to Vietnam, Susanna is forced to reexamine the concepts of love, honor, and forgiveness — and it just may be the key to redemption for them all.

"This book reminds us of how exciting, beautiful and painful growing up really is"

"I knew from the beginning... that this was a book to savor and  enjoy slowly, like a fine wine"

A "most compelling coming-of-age story that's got friendship and history and... magic, on almost every page."

Award Finalist, A Painted Lily
Finalist in the 2017 Wrtiers Digest Self-Published Book Awards!
Miami playboy Tony Ramirez searches for the secret to his past when he travels to Cuba with his best friend Becca, social worker extraordinaire and a woman with a soft spot for his immigrant history and his damaged heart. But while Tony is surrounded by ghosts of the Cuban revolution, Becca embarks on her own surprising journey. And by the time the answers are in reach, the past catches them in its grip, forever changing their future.

"Hoke has spun a web of family secrets, unrequited love, [and] harsh reality, all gently blended with a touch of romance.... Stunning!

"A story told with incredible elegance and emotion"

"Every so often you come across an epic story that remains with the reader for some considerable time, and this is such a story"

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