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Interested in selecting one of Angie's books for your book club? See below for ways to make your discussion/get-together great!

  • Want to lead a meaningful discussion? See the discussion questions provided below (and also at the back of the book).

  • Want to interact with the author? In certain instances, Angie may be available to participate in a video web chat with your club for an interactive experience you and your friends will never forget! Send a message to Angie on the 'Contact' page to make inquiries regarding details and availability.

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Trigger Warning: References to sexual assault (not explicit), depiction of suicidal ideations and delusional psychosis. 

Missing Pictures Discussion Questions (Warning: SPOILERS):

  1. What do you think it says about Claire that she begins the story, before meeting Tasha and Gretchen, without having any real friends? What do you think about the concept of “work friends” that don’t survive the workplace? Does that ring true with you in your own life? Do you have a distinction with your friends?

  2. Do you think that Claire’s Depression is situational (that is, brought on by her crumbling, dysfunctional marriage), or due to a larger, chemical issue? Is that distinction important? Why or why not?

  3. Do you think it’s legitimate that Claire considers herself to be temporarily disabled and unable to do her job? Do you think disability should include mental illness, or physical disabilities only? What obstacles does Claire face in her journey to return to her career?

  4. How do you think it would feel to be a successful career- oriented woman and suddenly have that stripped away? How do you think that would impact a person’s identity? How did it impact Claire’s identity?

  5. How did Claire’s marital issues impact her relationships with men, and her need for physical touch and affection?

  6. Do you think Claire’s relationships with men over the course of the novel were healthy? Why or why not? Do you think she was expecting too much from her relationships with men? How did this help or hamper her healing?

  7. What are the key points in the novel where Claire really moved toward acceptance about her marriage, both what it actually was and how to deal with the painful parts of it? How did Tasha and Gretchen help or hinder this journey?

  8. How do you feel about Tasha as a mother? Would you consider her a good mother? Why or why not? What do you think about her suicide attempt in terms of what it says about her as a mother?

  9. What do you think about Malcolm’s decision to take away Tasha’s children by court order? Do you think he was right or wrong? How do you feel like that decision positively or negatively impacted Tasha’s mental health and life in general?

  10. What are the most significant distinguishing characteristics between the three women’s mental illness? Why is Gretchen’s particular brand of mental illness so much more frightening to Claire?

  11. Do you believe that Claire should have held Gretchen more accountable for the things she said when she was in psychosis? How much accountability should the mentally ill have when they are very sick?

  12. Do you blame any of the women for their mental illnesses? Why or why not?

  13. Do you think Gretchen was a good mother? Do you think she should have access to her son, Carson? What about to her older daughters? What kind of relationship is appropriate between Gretchen and her children?

  14. Do you think the friendship with Gretchen and Tasha was good for Claire? Why or why not?

  15. Do you believe that Claire is capable of having a healthy relationship with Finn? Why or why not?

  16. Do you believe that Claire appropriately handled delicate matters regarding her divorce, her dating life and her mental illness with her daughter, Brooklyn? Why or why not?

  17. How do you think the metaphor of pictures, specifically missing ones, was used throughout the book? Do you think it was an effective way to document Claire’s journey? What do you think she learned from the pictures, including the preventive ones, the missing ones and the new ones at the end?

A Whisper of Smoke Discussion Questions (Warning: SPOILERS):

  1. Why do you think Lorelei kisses Calvin after Susanna? What does that say about Susanna’s and Lorelei’s relationship? How does it ultimately fit or not fit with Lorelei’s assessment that Susanna is a natural caretaker, and how does that contrast with Lorelei’s personality? 

  2. Why is Susanna so much more protective of Hank than of Annabelle? What/who is she compensating for?

  3. Why do you think Mama forgives Uncle George for what he does to Annabelle? What does that say about her?

  4. Why do you think Daddy ultimately forgives, or at least tolerates Uncle George? What does that say about him? Why is Susanna so much more devastated by Daddy’s actions than Mama’s?

  5. Do you think Calvin is as honorable as Susanna thinks he is? Why or why not?

  6. Is it fair for Calvin to hint that he’d rather have Susanna in Hawaii with him than Christine? What does that say about what Calvin is going through?

  7. What do you think about Mama’s actions towards trying to help Susanna get to Hawaii? Are those actions redemptive at all?

  8. Are Uncle George’s steps to stop being an abuser adequate? Is redemption possible for him?

  9. Is it fair that Calvin proclaims his love for Susanna in his last letter? Did that cause her more or less pain? If it were up to her, do you think she would have wanted to know?

  10. Does Susanna do the right thing when she finds Hank and Kathleen in the hayloft? Does she overreact? Are her steps to make sure that Hank is “held accountable” sufficient to help break the cycle of abuse?

  11. Is Daniel a good match for Susanna? Why or why not? Is she getting married too young?

  12. Does Susanna do the right thing when she warns her young children about predators? Should she permit her children to be around Uncle George at all? What if prohibiting contact means that she also misses out on spending time with the rest of her family at special times like holidays?

  13. Should Susanna also warn her children about Hank? Does the fact that he was abused automatically make him a potential danger? Why do you think it might be difficult for Susanna to view her brother as a potential danger?​

Trigger Warning:

Mild depiction of childhood sexual abuse. 


Trigger Warning:

References to possible suicide.

A Painted Lily Discussion Questions (Warning: SPOILERS):​

  1. Why do you think there is a power struggle between Carlos Ramirez and Pedro at the funeral? What does it say about each of their characters? Do you believe the conflict that day was indicative of their relationship overall?

  2. How do you think Pedro’s choices as a teenager impacted his relationship with his mother? What about with his father?

  3. What does the drug addiction say about Pedro, and his feelings about himself, and how does that relate back to the situation surrounding his emigration to the United States?

  4. Why do you think Pedro stays behind with Tony when the rest of his family flees Cuba?

  5. Why do you think Carlos decided to flee Cuba, even though he would be leaving some of his family behind? Why do you think Mrs. Ramirez went along with it?

  6. How has the secret around Tony’s parentage and how he came to America impacted the family dynamic? Before he finds out the truth, how does he see himself in terms of his role in the family? What about after he finds out the truth?

  7. How has Tony’s relationship with his family impacted his relationship with women?

  8. How do you think Tony sees Becca through most of the book? What changes for him, and why?

  9. What do you think drives Becca? Would you describe her as career driven? Why or why not?

  10. Why has Becca been unsuccessful in the love department? How does her relationship with Tony impact her ability to connect with other potential love interests?

  11. Why do you think Becca is so attached to Tony? Do you think it’s a healthy or unhealthy attachment, and why do you feel that way?

  12. Why does Becca decide to go to Cuba with Tony? What do you think she’s hoping for, when she agrees to go?

  13. What does Rosa represent to Tony? Why is he immediately drawn to her?

  14. Why does it take Tony so long to realize that Becca has feelings for him, and ultimately, that he has feelings for her?

  15. At the end of the book, when Tony declares his love for her, do you think Becca should give him a chance? Why or why not?

  16. Based on everything you know about them, do you think Tony and Becca’s love (as they come together at the end of the book) will last? Why or why not?

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