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New Release!  Missing Pictures 

Expected to be released mid-2021!


From the four-time award-winning author of A Whisper of Smoke, MISSING PICTURES tells the story of all-too-relatable Claire Colson, a successful businesswoman who, after a painful divorce from a long-term marriage, tries to heal from depression by re-entering the dating world, but only on the days she doesn't have her daughter and manages to put on deodorant. But it’s the unlikely friendship she develops with two strong but damaged women she meets in group therapy that may help her find true healing, in ways she never expected.

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More about my recent new release, MISSING PICTURES!

Sort of like Sex and the City meets Girl, Interrupted, except with discount shoes, MISSING PICTURES is an honest depiction of women with mental illness that doesn't just present them as caricatures or oddities, or focus on shock elements. It shows, in a real way, what it is to live with mental illness every day, and still have jobs, responsibilities and relationships, and how a beautiful friendship can be borne from the shared experience. 



After surviving a painful divorce, normally fierce businesswoman Claire Colson is suffering from clinical depression and possibly failing as a mother. Determined to reclaim her life, she takes a leave from work to voluntarily attend group therapy at the psych hospital. There she meets Tasha and Gretchen, two single moms from very different walks of life with their own brands of mental illness. Claire immediately finds comfort in their unconditional acceptance and unfailing humor. 


Work is out of the question while her brain is on hiatus, but her body is rocking thanks to the highly effective if inadvisable divorce diet. So, with her new friends’ encouragement, Claire enters the Nashville dating scene, hoping it helps her heal. But it’s not as easy as she expects – the selection includes middle-age rejects, young guys suffering from beer fog, or judgmental men that remind her how far she’s fallen. At the same time, Tasha and Gretchen teach Claire what it is to live with mental illness, including that Group isn’t the end. It’s only the beginning. And Claire can’t analyze her way out of it.


Unfortunately, time and her disability insurance are running out – if Claire can’t get to a better place, she could lose her career and may never be healthy enough for a lasting relationship. Even worse, she could be putting her custody arrangement at risk. Nothing in her life is what it once was, but with her unlikely friends by her side, can Claire find a path to a future worth living, even if it may not look like the life she lost?


CONTENT WARNING: Contains adult content, including sexual situations and explicit language, as well as realistic depictions of mental illness.


TRIGGER WARNING: References to sexual assault (not explicit), depiction of suicidal ideations as well as delusional psychosis. 


4-Time Award Winner,

A Whisper of Smoke

Winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Award for Women's Fiction, the 2015 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for Women's Fiction, the 2014 GRW Maggie Award for Excellence and the 2014 Heart of Denver Aspen Gold Award, and Finalist for the 2015 International Book Award! 

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Appealing to a wide range of fans, from those who love books by Sue Monk Kidd and Wally Lamb to Kristin Hannah and Nicholas Sparks, A WHISPER OF SMOKE will grab your heart and leave you breathless. Winner of the 2015 National Indie Excellence Book Award for Women's Fiction, the 2015 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal for Women's Fiction, the 2014 Maggie Award for Excellence and the 2014 Heart of Denver Aspen Gold Award, and Finalist for the 2015 International Book Award, A WHISPER OF SMOKE is a "beautiful, heart-wrenching story." - K. Westrope, Author​



When family secrets emerge that could destroy her and the boy she loves goes to war, will Susanna find the strength to protect her heart and redeem them all? ​ Four-time award winner A WHISPER OF SMOKE delivers a coming-of-age love story that is rich and deeply sensitive, and "reminds us how exciting, beautiful and painful growing up really is."


In 1960's Kentucky, Susanna is the responsible one in the family, always looking out for everyone else. But when secrets emerge that threaten to tear her family apart, Susanna's had enough and all she wants is to escape.


She retreats to the sanctuary of the farm next door and her friendship with Calvin who, in her mind, represents everything she believes her family isn't -- true, honorable, good -- and she can't help but fall for him. But then Calvin deploys to Vietnam, in love with someone else and even more out of reach than ever.In the meantime, things at home go from bad to worse, just as Susanna's sense of honor, and fault, are challenged by Calvin's experiences in war.


Now, even as her love for Calvin threatens to destroy her, she finds herself at a crossroads - continue running away or face the awful truth, and it all boils down to a choice between fear and hope.


TRIGGER WARNING: Mild depiction of childhood sexual abuse.


Award Finalist, A Painted Lily

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From the multiple-award winning author of A WHISPER OF SMOKE, A  PAINTED LILY is the story of a Cuban-American man who finds more than the secret to his past when he travels to Cuba with his best friend, a woman with a soft spot for his immigrant history and his damaged heart, and represents the "best of relationship fiction, exploring personal struggles and growth delicately woven through a story of friendship, love and a journey into history you won't soon forget."

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More about A PAINTED LILY!

Awarded an Honorable Mention in the competitive Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards, A PAINTED LILY is a "a story told with incredible elegance and emotion... Author Angela Hoke has spun a web of family secrets, unrequited love, [and] harsh reality, all gently blended with a touch of romance.... Stunning! Such a pleasure to read."


Tony Ramirez is a high-end real estate agent living the fast life in Miami, while his best friend Becca, social worker extraordinaire, does her best to keep him grounded, without revealing why she's so invested – her secret hopeless love for him. Hopeless because he's dark and beautiful, and she is... ordinary, but it's a relationship that has its perks, including a default salsa dancing partner and someone that can reach the top shelves. From Tony's standpoint, he’s highly self-involved but not very self-aware, including about best friends that secretly love him, or how his disconnection to his past as a Cuban immigrant whose family fled Cuba in 1961, soon after Castro’s regime took over, are deeply rooted in his inability to be happy. But then a tragedy rocks his family, and he discovers that he and his oldest brother Pedro actually were left behind when his family fled his birth country, and only came to the U.S. as part of Operation Pedro Pan, a crusade by the Catholic Church to save Cuban children by helping them escape to the United States. And suddenly things make more sense – why he’s never felt good enough, and why he can’t trust anyone but Becca. And he must understand why. 


As Tony’s search for truth takes them into the past and to beautiful, tortured Cuba, only Becca’s friendship can help him unlock the secrets that will change his world. But while Tony searches his soul, and his past, for answers, Becca is pushed past her limits. And in the land of Tony’s birth, a land suspended in time, Becca may have found a path to a new future – one that may or may not include Tony.

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