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A Spiritual Journey With My Higher Self: A Resource Guide

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

I have been on a massive spiritual journey for the past year that has helped me to grow tremendously, better understand my purpose and how to ask for and receive guidance, make major life changes without (or with very little) fear and to find and understand how to maintain peace and contentment. I will write much more on that at some point, but for now I wanted to start this blog post (that I will attempt to keep current) with the books and other resources that have been most helpful to me so far. Links to them are below (in the general order that I discovered them, and that led to my increasing understanding through synchronicity):

On past lives and understanding the spirit realm:

On understanding yourself (and preparing for your spiritual journey):

On manifesting/the law of attraction (whether or not you apply it to wealth, these principles apply):

On seeking out guidance and the bigger picture:

You Can't Get It Wrong by Tina Anderson (this is one of the easiest to understand, most comprehensive summaries of esoteric spiritual concepts I've encountered)

On meditation, manifestation, clearing blocks, on other courses on spiritual growth, etc.:

The entire universe is a treasure trove of courses, meditations and guides/tools

On the science of the quantum field and how it relates to our spiritual reality, connections, manifestations:

On reconciling my Christian faith to changing spirituality/spiritual mysticism:

First, I'll start by saying that my spiritual journey through meditation and much study of the books above, other sources, and my own inner guidance and soul-searching has led me to believe that all of the legitimate religions have truth. I also believe that the Bible is mostly true, but not in the way we were taught. Shifting this mindset has opened me up to love and peace instead of fear and shame, which inherently points to better alignment with the Divine. It has also virtually eliminated the contradictions I had previously perceived in the Bible. Because I no longer believe most of the Bible to be literal, the deeper spiritual meaning of the scripture has become more evident and the contradictions no longer appear to exist. This pursuit has therefore not only brought me great peace, but it has provided me with a much more practical approach to spiritual growth, which is what Jesus (and other Ascended Masters) were trying to show us while on this earthly physical plane.

One of the best resources I found for this study in reconciliation is the following website:

As always, keep an open mind but continue to practice discernment. And good luck on your journey!

Note: The links above are Amazon affiliate links. If you use them to purchase products from Amazon, I will receive a small commission from Amazon with no incremental cost to you.


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