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About Upcoming New Release, MISSING PICTURES:

Sort of like Girl, Interrupted meets the Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, except with discount shoes, MISSING PICTURES is an honest depiction of women with mental illness that doesn't just present them as caricatures or oddities, or focus on shock elements. It shows, in a real way, what it is to live with mental illness every day, and still have jobs, responsibilities and relationships, and how a beautiful friendship can be borne from the shared experience. 



After surviving a painful divorce, normally fierce businesswoman Claire Colson is on leave from her job, clinically depressed, and quite possibly failing as a mother. Determined to beat the blues, Claire attends group therapy at the psych hospital, where she meets Tasha and Gretchen — two single moms from very different walks of life with their own brands of mental illness. Claire finds comfort in their unconditional acceptance and unfailing humor, and is surprised to find a friendship she didn’t expect.


With her friends’ encouragement, Claire enters the Nashville dating scene. Unfortunately, the selection includes middle-age rejects, young guys suffering from beer fog, or judgmental men that remind her how far she’s fallen. At the same time, Tasha and Gretchen teach Claire what it is to live with mental illness, including that Group isn’t the end. It’s only the beginning. 


But time is running out. If Claire can’t get to a better place, she could lose everything she’s worked for, including custody of her daughter. Nothing in her life is what it once was, but with her unlikely friends by her side, can Claire find a path to a future worth living, even if it may not look like the life she lost?


CONTENT WARNING: Contains adult content, including sexual situations and explicit language, as well as realistic depictions of mental illness.


TRIGGER WARNING: References to sexual assault, depiction of suicidal actions as well as delusional psychosis. 


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"How do you know you’re really sick? Because your life is reduced to a disjointed collection of days when you actually shower and see people, a scatter diagram of data points that punctuate the near-interminable pauses where you don’t. How will I know when I’m better? When all the days connect together again and life follows the line like a guide wire. Or a cliff’s edge.


Right now, I’m still in the scatter graph period, intermittently mustering the courage to reach for moments that I can pin to my graph and cling to, this date being one. Still, this guy has real promise, and so I’m hoping he won’t be just a blip. His profile says ‘retired lawyer’, but he looks young. So he must be pretty well off. And now he runs an artisanal cheese shop in East Nashville. He makes his own aged cheddar – I Googled it.


I love cheese. And post-professional men. In theory."

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